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But first lemmie take a selfie by life-of-the-dreamer But first lemmie take a selfie :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 6 6
Meanwhile Akihiko...
After realizing he had been chasing the bird for about an hour without any real success, his phone buzzed a few times and he finally decided to answer. Glancing down at the screen, Akihiko read Yuu's message.
'Where r u?'
Akihiko glanced around for a moment to get his bearings. He and absolutely no clue where he was--which wasn't new to him after chasing birds. Akihiko generally threw caution in the wind and went to the first thing that would catch his attention--whatever and whomever that may be at that time.  'Lol dunno, heading home.'
He replied, then shut off his phone since he wanted to continue playing the Pokemon Y game he was playing before and knowing Yuu he'd probably text him a bunch of questions Akihiko probably wouldn't pay much attention to.
The elite four weren't going to beat themselves, after all.
But then again, Yuu would probably wonder why Akihiko went off anyways and left him with a bunch of strangers.
'Hm...there was some weird people around
:iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 2
Akihiko Mamoru (Tokyo Ghoul oc) by life-of-the-dreamer Akihiko Mamoru (Tokyo Ghoul oc) :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 10 7
Mature content
Oh how Linda fell. :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 3
Infected. Deleted side chapter
I was never able to control my movements in a dream. If I did, I would've run away from this dream as fast as I could or wake myself up.
Main Street was a mess.
Blood stretched as far down the street as I could see. I took a few moments to keep myself from screaming because of how gross this was and how deep the blood was. Trying to keep myself from thinking of exactly who's blood this may have been, I looked around. Every window was shattered and I could see there were no cars in sight. Every building was wrecked beyond recognition if it were not for the fact that only the front if the buildings were somehow intact. I slowly walked around through the blood, the sound echoing around me as I tried once again not to think of who's blood it may have been or how sick my stomach felt. Looking up at the white sky I could see no sun or clouds, I blinked slowly before I continued my walk down the street. Bodies started appearing around me of people I knew and others I did not.
:iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 4 7
Ai-kon adventures with Digital-Z aka Drew
These are only a few moments I experienced with Arin during Ai-kon. c:
//Kinda written like a fanfic because why not. Also not in any real order-
//And they're not completely accurate since I don't remember everything that happened. Only bits and pieces-
As Drew fixed his hair in the bathroom, Petra began to take out the rest of her cosplay. Neatly putting the white shirt and pants aside along with the green cloak and brown jacket before she stared at the bottom of the black bag where the many straps of her outfit lay.
"This isn't going to be easy..."
A few moments after, Petra began to lay out the straps of her Scouting Legion outfit out on the white carpet.
~A little while later.~
"Okay, Petra I think you step in here..." Drew said thoughtfully, holding the straps as she stepped in the area he instructed before strapping on the rest.
"Um..." Petra looked down at the straps, noticing that there was a section of strap that was dangling down between her legs. "I think I have too many st
:iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 12
Face paint 2 by life-of-the-dreamer Face paint 2 :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 0 Digital-Z painted my face by life-of-the-dreamer Digital-Z painted my face :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 3 EMPEROR NEW KID by life-of-the-dreamer EMPEROR NEW KID :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 0 6 Playing DWE by life-of-the-dreamer Playing DWE :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 0 0
Mature content
Ymir x Reiner SnK :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 0 2
I am only human
Im only human.
Sometimes I'll forget my worth
Say "I'm nothing."
And lock myself away.
I'll need someone to remind me
That they actually care
If I left.
And never came back.
That your memory of me
Wouldn't fade like the ink on an old letter.
I need love
Not partner wise, just general love
To know I am not alone.
In this world.
That if I were to die
You'd cry for me
And live on for me.
Recalling all the times we had together.
The good and bad
I am only human
I'm not perfect.
Nor will I smile every day
I'll have my ups and downs
I sometimes need to be reminded if who I am
Because behind all these masks of characters I write
It's easy to lose myself.
And never find me again...
:iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 0
Ai-kon 2014 by life-of-the-dreamer Ai-kon 2014 :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 3 5
Dead friendships
It’s a bittersweet feeling for me
To know when you last say goodbye to a friend
And know that you won’t talk again.
That no matter what is said and done
Those bonds that held you together for so long
Have finally released.
You may see your friend again
Greet them with a smile
But it’s not the same.
You might watch them grow up
And know that they’re okay
Then just silently hope you could be as strong.
:iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 0 2
Maple 2 by life-of-the-dreamer Maple 2 :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 0 Dawson by life-of-the-dreamer Dawson :iconlife-of-the-dreamer:life-of-the-dreamer 1 1

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bring it on by zelda-Freak91 bring it on :iconzelda-freak91:zelda-Freak91 92 20 .: Luca :. by art-meets-words .: Luca :. :iconart-meets-words:art-meets-words 22 31 Chibi Yoshika and puppy by DAV-19 Chibi Yoshika and puppy :icondav-19:DAV-19 4,376 764
Starry Skys
Shades of yellow and reds. All new and old. Lay upon the floor.
The unfaithful sun sets. The autumn winds settle. Even then the animals are hushed.
Quiet as ever one by one. Little lights appear.
Like white snow flakes they look so beautiful to touch, yet out of our grasp to hold.
The sky grows dimmer as the lights grow brighter. The ground becomes unseeable, as the sky becomes lit.
One, two, three, four, five... There's to many to count. Too many pretty lights too even see.
The cold nightly breezes creep up, making the yellow leaves dance freely.
The lights shone magneficnelty upon those leaves. Appearing so elegant as they danced.
A soft smile. Eyes in awe. Kicking my legs from on top the log.
This night was bliss. A memory to hold. This starry sky was my treasure and gold...
Finally the breezes stopped, dropping the leaves. Swish. Swish. They fell.
The beautiful lights were soonly fading, closing the curtains on their act.
I waved goodbye as it mixed pinks and purples filling the da
:iconsamshamrocks:SamShamrocks 11 5
Different Cover Draft by SamShamrocks Different Cover Draft :iconsamshamrocks:SamShamrocks 5 10 Alywa n Shadow Commission by Megumi-Kawairashii Alywa n Shadow Commission :iconmegumi-kawairashii:Megumi-Kawairashii 118 29 His Butler: At the Ready by youraveragenerd His Butler: At the Ready :iconyouraveragenerd:youraveragenerd 1 0 SPP: Perry Gijinka by MayJasmine SPP: Perry Gijinka :iconmayjasmine:MayJasmine 35 57 What Do You Think Of My Dress? by danicp21 What Do You Think Of My Dress? :icondanicp21:danicp21 468 210 whose your exorcist yeah by windy-path whose your exorcist yeah :iconwindy-path:windy-path 4 0 after a long hard day by windy-path after a long hard day :iconwindy-path:windy-path 1 3 a quick study by windy-path a quick study :iconwindy-path:windy-path 3 3 unsuspecting 0_0 by windy-path unsuspecting 0_0 :iconwindy-path:windy-path 2 1 testing 1 2 3 by windy-path testing 1 2 3 :iconwindy-path:windy-path 1 0 paperclay 4TW by windy-path paperclay 4TW :iconwindy-path:windy-path 1 0


life-of-the-dreamer's Profile Picture
/Waves/ Hello.~
You may call me Violet.
Most art you'll see on here is literature-based.
Fandoms I'm in: Tokyo Ghoul, Fire Emblem, Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda for the most part.
I'm in :iconskyloft-academy:
:heart:~My DA family~:heart:
-needs to be updated-



Family robot:
(This needs to be updated I swear-)


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